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1. A person who wants to downsize government, and government control over the lives of citizens.

2. Philosophically, a person who advocates an ideal balance between freedom and responsibility.

3. A person who believes that "stupidity should be painful", and that painfulness is the surest remedy to rid the world of stupid people -- who will either cease to be stupid, or simply cease to be.
I am a libertarian. I am pro-choice. I am counter-feminist. I am pro-hemp. I am against the war on drugs. I am against political correctness. I am atheist. I insist on the separation of church and state. I think that capitalism is a dangerous servant and a fearful master, but indispensable to life just like fire, and like fire must be closely watched and contained --NOT by government, but by deeply embedded cultural sanctions. ( Ahem! home-school your children well!)

I am also very, very "green", since one planet is all we get, folks!
Some libertarians out there might not agree with all of the above....
by fidelbogen October 5, 2004
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Political correctness is far more than just silly, constipated speech codes. It is an entire moral outlook and cultural ethos -- namely, that of the political Left.

Basically, a person or thing is considered 'politically correct' when it gives positive strokes to the Left's angelic, messianic self-conception.

Lefties like to demonize anybody who dares to criticize them, but I decline to reciprocate. I don't think they are demons; I think they are all too human. They are "dodging the grim shadow of self-knowledge", fearing the unavoidable Loss of Innocence this would bring, and the frank acknowledgement that they too are part of the human slime-mold --
capable of foul behavior and bad judgement just like everybody else. It's time for them too get off their friggin' pedestal.....

I could go on and on describing what political correctness is, but I'll content myself with the brief observation that what I've written here is 180 degrees opposite to it.
I'm pretty sure that a few politically correct people will read this and think I am talking about somebody else....
by fidelbogen January 12, 2005
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A feminist who represents a stage of feministical development coming after post-modernism. Whatever the hell THAT means.

A mere post-modern feminist is capable of achieving the same dazzling heights of assholism as a POST-post-modern feminist.

Feminism as a whole has gotten a tremendous boost from post-modernism.
Feminism without post-modernism is pedestrian. WITH post-modernism it is driving a Ferrari.
by fidelbogen September 3, 2004
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A person who suspects that maybe, just MAYBE, there is something higher or better in the universe than the way most people live..... and is not bashful about assuming ownership of this suspicion.

A person who finds it hard to live by the principle of "go along to get along".

This may sound scandalous, but "elitism", in one form or another is the only thing that makes it possible for the human race to transcend itself and grow toward a superior state of existence.

Elitism's an unpopular job, but someone's gotta do it, eh?
The word "elite", in French, means "elected".

Knowledge of French is always a dead giveaway that the person is an elitist, n'est-ce pas? (Blague!!)
by fidelbogen September 12, 2004
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A clever portmanteau word which combines 'feminist' with 'nazi'.

Feminists, and lefties in general, hate this word.

Basically, it means "a nazi-like feminist", or "a feminist who displays nazi-esque qualities." But since it gets cumbersome to say all of that, the phrase has been sensibly compressed to "femi-nazi", which is an elegant linguistic solution.

It is pretty hard to deny that nazi-like feminists DO EXIST. Yep, they're around. They're out there.

I sometimes wonder if the same people who hate the word "feminazi" would have the same objection if people merely said "nazi-like feminist" every time they wanted to express the same idea?

What the hell's the difference, anyhow? 'Feminazi' is easier to say, that's all.

My only objection to the word 'feminazi' is when certain people with a limited adolescent vocabulary say it CONSTANTLY in a boring way. I think the word should be used only once in a while, and very nonchalantly.
by fidelbogen September 28, 2004
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A sub-category of rape. Yes, it is one of the MANY dirty things that HAPPENS in this unquestionably dirty world, however:

Date rape has been hyped beyond all reason or proportion by feminists looking for a pretext to augment their campaign against *men* in every possible way.

'Date Rape' is also the title of an unquestionably entertaining, well-crafted and demagogic FICTIONAL NARRATIVE which has been set to music by a certain band. The fact that the song is *only fiction* cannot be repeated often enough. It doesn't matter if the song describes an archetypal scenario that "could" happen; it is STILL *only fiction*. It serves to arouse primitive and rather ugly one-sided emotions (e.g. schadenfreude) on the part of the listener, and at the same time to short-circuit rational discourse upon this unquestionably complex hot-button social issue...
The song 'Date Rape' functions as feminist agitprop, whether the band members intended it that way or not...
by fidelbogen February 10, 2005
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