The period of time defined by COVID-19's inundation upon the world, between its first appearance in late 2019 and ends (hopefully) with mass vaccination against it.
I haven't got a haircut during covid-time. It's just too much trouble wearing a mask while sheers are in use around my head. Just ask a certain politician in San Francisco.
by fcsuper September 10, 2020
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The warped perception of time during the COVID lockdowns.
One week is one month in covid time.
It's been almost one year already? Time flies in covid time.
by bubbagomp December 01, 2020
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1. A period of extreme uncertainty characterized by global public unrest and demonstrations, hyper-partisan acrimony, a health pandemic, economic doldrums, social and cultural upheavals, general unrest, and fear about the future.

2. A period when everyday activities are locked-down, when people must stay six feet away from others (social-distancing), and when the wearing of face masks becomes the norm.
by m-fun July 03, 2020
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The weird manipulation of the perception of time during the covid-19 lockdown
"You remember when school started? Was it last week? Week before that? Earlier this week? Eh, covid time, you know how it is"
"Yep, covid time"
by somebrookdlyn October 24, 2020
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The time distortion in your memory because of the disruption and stress caused by the pandemic.
The Beirut explosion happened a month ago? It was a month in real time, and a week in COVID Time.
by airsafe September 04, 2020
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A COVID time warp is when you think something was two years ago or more, but it was only last year. Caused by the pandemic, quarantine and lockdown making 2020 feel extra, extra long.
I thought Jack and Jamie got married last year but it was actually 2019. I had a COVID time warp.
by Zozothecat July 22, 2021
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