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paintshop pro, an image creating and editing program produced by jasc that is used professionally or just for the hell of it to (usually) make website layouts.
most everyone has it, but the question is do they know how to use it?
by etchasketch January 05, 2004
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meaning of life when the original hosts adam & jimmy were still on..think sexist terms illustrated by naked blondes humping a giant penis
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
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band from the early-mid 90s. had a lot of oriental males on instruments, boppy caucasian chick singing. they're best and really only known for their hitass song "hear" that you've more than likely heard somewhere before.
"this songs always on! whos it by?"
"moonpools & caterpillars."
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
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is like rad but not. same concept, but you're saying the "radocity of something was so high...". meaning that whatever sentence you may stick in there means you're judging the "coolness" level of something as being very high. yep.
"you rock the radocity of the world"
by etchasketch November 17, 2003
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where all the amish live.
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
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To have sex with a coke slut/meth whore etc.

To beat up a coke slut/meth whore etc.

A stomped donkey is an over-used girl/vagina.
"Hey fuck you buddy how about you go stomp a donkey"

"I stomped this nasty donkey Jenn last night man, Made sure I double wrapped no worries."

"I beat up that coke slut from that party last night, Hillary?

Yeah Hillary, You stomped that donkey eh?"

"Paris Hilton has a stomped donkey"

"Paris Hilton's donkey has in fact been stomped."
by EtchaSketch July 12, 2013
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same thing as bitch, just more playful.
by etchasketch October 25, 2003
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