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A really skanky cunt that pretends to be a normal chick that hits on you at a bar. She often looks normal and lies through her teeth about her personal life. In actuality she is a welfare witch and her kids sleep on pee stinking mattresses on the floor. The diaper bin is overflowing and the litter box smells like satan's scrotum. You decide to fuck it anyway, as it is 1:30 AM and men are pigs. The phone rings constantly after 1:30 AM as the bars are closing and losers are calling her for some squish. She will talk you into buying coke or meth then she will steal it. When you are thinking with your dick, you will try anything.
"I see Lori found another sucker. Look at him slobber all over her. He's going to be sorry he ever met that meth whore."
by running out of patience January 27, 2008
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Similar to crack whore except crystal is her drug of choice. She can be identified by her skinny body, stringy hair and irregular gait. She is bitchy, paranoid and almost always dangerous. Catch her at the right moment though, and you'll get the ride of your life. She is often found in small towns, rural areas and mobile home parks.
If you gotta do that meth ho, be sure to bring k-y,
cause that crystal don't just make your mouth dry...
by qian li January 13, 2005
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