A Female that has a big fatty, that makes you walk behind her for long distances staring at her behind.
Man I saw this chic the other day and she had a phat ass. I mean dog, she had a walk behind.
by Kelshall March 17, 2008
A demonic entity from the Outside known as a Walker in the Dresden Files novels. He can be summoned only by mortal magic and was sent after Harry Dresden by his guardian, Justin DuMorne, when he resisted an enthrallment spell.

Harry was able to defeat He Who Walks Behind, thanks to the special timing of his birth, which supposedly gives him the power to kill Outsiders. This was not without injury however, and he bares a scar on his soul that can be seen by those with the Sight.

He is also one of the many entities that can sponsor power for a ritual, and was used for a particularly powerful entropy curse against Arturo Genosa's associates in Blood Rites.
"You who is marked by He Who Walks Behind!"
by He Who Walks Behind April 3, 2008
When attempting to sit next to a particular person in a University of Sydney Economics lecture, this move should be undertaken. It involves isolating the person prior to the lecture, then walking up to person in a way that they will not see you (although if that happens, it can't be too bad). Once behind this person, follow them into the Economics lecture, thus following them into the row they decide to sit in, THUS, sitting next to them.
A1: Should I use the sly walking behind her move?
A2: Yes.
by pavmeister April 4, 2011
A phrase said alltoghether by stephen king fans who think they're scary.
"This is the way of he who walks behind the rows"

--morons who need sleep

"This'll be the way of you getting the shit beat out of you if you don't fuck off and let me eat my lunch in religious peace"
by Gumba Gumba May 28, 2004