127 definitions by emma

the fear/disgust of the penis
i dont like willies because i have penophobia
by emma March 19, 2005
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zanf is an experience.
zanf: "im an an experience"
by emma June 30, 2004
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created by Neil, a young nympho man. Means, bah / tut etc... just a little different.
Emma : No you know i can't meet you
Neil: Ptsh
by Emma February 14, 2005
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A phrase to use when your day or a situation couldnt get any worse.
ie 'today was cunted as fuck', i' was cunted as fucked last nite mate'
by Emma November 18, 2004
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The description of an object whose name is not remembered.
The, um, whatchamajingle is in the fridge.
by emma January 24, 2005
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a thin rubber bracelet that can come in a variety of colors. some people say that these bracelets have "hidden meanings" for middle and high school students, but i'm in 7th grade, and thats totally bull. my friends and i all wear them, and i didnt een hear the "hidden meaning" mentioned at school until today, and that was a joke. so there are no hidden meanings, and people who come up with that stuff really need to find something to do!
they have no meaning, so GET OVER URSELF!!!!!
by emma January 03, 2005
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a townie is someone who has no mind of their own and follows whatever trends happen to be most common at the time. they will always have disgustingly obviously fake, cheap-looking dyed "blonde" hair with about 2+ inches of d-a-r-k roots and will never (hell forbid!) be seen wearing black(!) clothing and hate anyone with a mind of their own (no wonder they haye shopping trolleys) townies are incredibly vain too, they spend forever infront of a mirror piling on fake tan and makeup, and gawping lovingly at themselves. they also wear painfully small, tight clothing and are constantly "getting off" wit heach other.
i was outside mcdonalds and i walked by this disgusting barbie (?) pink car and a townie was hanging out the window with the roof down and she had about 20 mirrors aimed on herself trying to gaze at herself from every angle when i walked by she gave this annoyingly fake, high giggle "tee-hee oh look bethie! its a gothic person! tee-hee!" then she wend back to heaping on makeup and gazing at herself.
by Emma April 27, 2004
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