pronounciation: kluf
(of a man or male animal)
To eject air or a fine mist from the penis following the moment of sexual climax.
"Watch out, that wasn't all. I'm about to clough."
by Richard Chode June 5, 2007
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A small forest or Nature Preserve, thats seen lots of sexy time.

not many people go down to the clough because its muddy

Generally lots of secluded spots that are difficult to get to
Cloud: Hey Tifa you coming clough?

Tifa: Are we going for sexy time?
by Uzumaki Ashurii September 4, 2009
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Emma's and Hunter's definition of a dean.
That Dean is rough, tough, and clough!
by Emma February 16, 2003
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The act of having uncontrollable coughgasms whilst suffering from acute laughing syndrome due to an unprecedented number of visits from the tickle monster. When both of these diseases strike at the exact same moment, the act of "cloughing" occurs.

*see "Coughgasms" and "acute laughing syndrome" for separate definitions
Angela was sitting on the bed, basically dying from ALS (acute laughing syndrome) when she had a rather sudden coughgasm.
Cmoney: "Angela are you okay?!?!"
Angela: "Oh yes, I'm fine... I was just cloughing like a champ, no big deal"
by IndianCockSucker69011 October 18, 2017
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Having a short term relationship with an incredibly hot partner which ends badly.
Having a position well out of your league, with every player in town hating you for 7 weeks, before being sacked off and dumped in a forest while your temporary partner goes on to greater heights and ruling europe.
The opposite of cuffing.
I couldn't believe it when she said yes, but I knew it was only going to be a summer break of cloughing so I'm not gonna be bitter when it ends.
by Profiley mcprofileface August 9, 2020
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Like the ocean it will rise again. A place of sorrow found beyond the realms of Botcho. Nothing but death here.
Hey, Kev, let’s keep this Clough House ship sailing
by GeoffPower December 2, 2020
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Very annoying person and always bragging and sassing everyone and tries to separate friends yo don't want to be friends with an annie clough
I hate that annie clough
by Abby Donald January 12, 2018
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