barack(in swahili baraka) means blessing
just like Barack Obama's father was from east africa and people from east africa(Tanzania,Kenya and Uganda)speaks swahili
by mfalme May 29, 2009
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Barack ("Bar-ACH"): verb

1) To screw something up beyond what was thought to have been the upper limit of screw-ups. FUBAR on steroids.

2) To commit a massive cluster fk and blame someone else for it
3) To FUBAR something and then pretend that it's working.
4) To FUBAR something and then lie about it.
5) To twerk an entire country all at once.

barack; baracked; baracking;
The pilot did a barack when he flew the plane into the mountain.
by Harry The Cat December 7, 2013
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1. to have little applicable experience
2. to say things that people like to hear but mean nothing
3. to say things that everyone would like done but has no realistic way of accomplishing them
Don't barack me, tell me how you plan to accomplish that.
by The Peoples Champ June 3, 2008
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(1) verb; To take something and make it your own
(2) verb; To take or to cop
(3) verb; To shatter public opinion
(4) verb; To buck the establishment
(5) verb; To represent your point of view to the fullest
(6) verb; Regardless of public opinion, to do what you think is right
(7) verb; To have pride in one's own (i.e. accomplishment, people, family, etc)
"barack the vote!"
"Girl, you better barack a copy of Vogue they have black models this issue!"
"I'm baracking to the fullest son!"
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obama, a man who you would be crazy not to elect. a man who is going to bring america out of this dark age know as the Bush administration.
by cameron muthafin albin February 3, 2008
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Main Entry: bar· ack
Pronunciation: \bə-’rak\
Function: verb
Etymology: eponymous usage, a verbing of the given name of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama; African derivation, “Blessed”; a form of the Hebrew name Baruch Date: 2008
1 : to deceive, 2: to conceal intended meaning in communication, 3: to abandon persons or issues for self-gain,
4: to pander, 5: to obfuscate
—-common usage: “Don’t barack me! Tell the Truth for a change!”
Function2: noun
1 : untruthful information 2: excrement
—-common usage: “What a crock of barack!”
verb: —-common usage: “Don’t barack me! Tell the Truth for a change!”
noun: —-common usage: “What a crock of barack!”
by PresidentSuit April 4, 2010
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A tough decision; trying to make a choice between two options.
I am between barack and a hard place.
by Mister Jenkins February 11, 2008
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