some pathetic type that always tries to hard and always fails in his/her quest in life.
also can be seen as a useless creature good for nothing.
damm man that weasaly bitch flopped again.
by G-Man May 07, 2005
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Adj. a name to decribe someone who irritates the hell out of you, or someone who pisses you off.
John is a real weasal dick. That guy is a weasal dick.
by theman1694 April 16, 2010
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a van weasal (more commonly in UK) is a young apprentice in jobs such as plastering, builders, tile fitters, brick layers etc aged between 17-22 who travel around in white vans. The main job for this "van weasal" is to fetch food, coffee and wipe shit from the window ordered by one or more elder accomplices in the van, probably the bosses.

van weasals are taken full advantage of to extent!
"the van weasal got out to get the boss some rolls today"
by Raqeul September 28, 2007
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A strange and rare mammal of the primate family. The only encounter was documented by one, Terrence Longfella.
He spanked out a dance like a weasal-monkey.
by Keta April 19, 2003
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