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A communist. It's origins stem from the Communist's use of red flags. Used mostly by hicks.
"You pinko faggots better get the hell offa my lawn!"
by Ed January 07, 2003
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A commercialised form of Black Metal
by Ed August 28, 2003
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Digital Audio Player. Useually a handheld, electronic device used for playback of a variety of audio codecs. Other features that are being implemented are: color screen, photo rendering, mpg4 video playback, FM radio and voice/radio/line-in recording to name a few.
Most iPod users don't know they own a DAP.
by Ed June 18, 2005
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A policy debate argument based on the assumptions of the aff plan. Much like a disadvantage without a uniqueness argument. Very complex. Not cheating.
Many kritiks confuse the novices.
The Kritik of National Service pwns all.
by Ed August 04, 2006
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The Mountain State. Well, we don't have any mountains, but who gives a damn. Whoever thinks we joined the Union because we are nigger lovers should be shot. West Virginia has one of smallest black percentages in the country, trust me. I only like one black kid, Femi. Yes, we are moonshine lovin, rednecks, but most people can't handle the strong shit like us.
Jesus Christ that truck is lifted... Yupp, its got WV tags... Figures
by Ed February 28, 2005
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1. (n.) One who believes that the ultimate good in a political system is to keep government regulation at an absolute minimum, particularly by eliminating laws based on their validity (or lack thereof) within a free society.

2. (n.) A member of the U.S. political party of the same name.

3. (adj.) the state of adhering to the principle of libertarian politics. "This bill is based on libertarian values."
Libertarians contrast with the Republican and Democratic parties because the libertarian belief is that government should be minimized or eliminated in all areas, even those that they don't personally support, while other political parties tend to promote freedom in some issues but government control in others. While the Democratic party believes in freedom for matters of recreational drug use and the Republican party believes in the freedom to own guns, libertarians are typically against regulation for both issues.

Libertarians themselves do not all necessarily share equal standards for personal behavior (though some may be common), as their philosophy is based almost entirely on knowing when something isn't anybody else's business. For example, many do not think recreational drug use is a good idea, but do not want to enact laws making that choice for others.
by ed July 25, 2004
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Having multiple sexual partners. (Generally all at one time)
My polyamorous friend slept with 20 guys this month.
by ed August 03, 2004
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