it's weed, bud, kill, grass, trees, smoke, cheeba, or in scientific talk mari-fucking-juana.
All these damn kids care about anymore is drinking their booze and smoking the reefer.
by Nick D September 08, 2003
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wow i really needed that i feel so good now that i had my reefer
by erek May 06, 2004
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slang for marijuana; refers to a joint, bowl, plant, or sac of marijuana
"Those young punks smoke the reefer"-Coach J
by PLAYBOY November 10, 2003
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(N.) 1. An attempt to explore someone's moral position on marijuana through subtle references to its use
2. Any off handed and/or abstract reference to marijuana
"I met a chick at the bar the other night but wasn't sure if she smoked, so I dropped a couple of subtle reeferences..."

"I think my boss smokes weed. I've been picking up a lot of reeferences from them..."
by Carson City June 03, 2009
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weed/marijuana/grass/pot....whatever you wanna call it
by letsgetstoned June 17, 2005
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God's most glorious gift to mankind: green, weed, bud, dope, pot, herb, grass, the great smoke-shit. This wonderful plant, when rolled into a joint, blunt or packed into a bowl etc., is the single most effective way to relax and be at ease known to man. It can be smoked from joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, hookahs, one-hitters, bubblers and indeed just about anytihng.
Stoner 1: Holy crap, I just made a bong out of a watermelon.

Stoner 2: *stares blankly* Dude wtf? How is that gonna work?

Stoner 1: Only one way to find out. Now stop being a bitch and pass me the reefer.
by Shadow of the Void August 04, 2006
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Slang term for marijauna that come from the early 1900's movie reefer madness where a man smokes bud and it makes him go insane killing his whole family. Alot of people belive that this movie played a key role in making marijuana illegal by scaring the public.
Rules of the reefer: Smoking when cashed, gets a brother ash; smoking with a screen keeps it nice and clean.
by stoner kid December 22, 2005
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