Girls who are really hot. The ones you walk behind goin' "damn she looks good."
8 Mile: They are in rap for the fine ass bitches
by Freakzilla May 9, 2003
Look up the word crips then look at the first picture by Effi
Daymn, take a look at those FINE ass bithces.
by b-sol March 29, 2005
A very attrictive looking female who has a nicely proportioned chest to ass ratio and is quite sexy.
Hey look at the fine ass bitch!

I would tap that fine ethiopian ass for sure son!
by Ghetto Boi May 8, 2009
When a girl is attractive like a ho, but she ain't a ho.

When a girl is hot as hell, and doesn't act like a bitch.
Damn, Anna's a fine ass non ass bitch, bet she'd talk to you, even with yo ugly ass face.
by Alpha Bank March 7, 2017