12 definitions by dragon

A force that is not heard nor seen, comes and goes with a flash of red or blue and your flag.
"Whered my flag go??!??"
by dragon June 20, 2003

The name of a character from shrek and also another name for a legendary black dragon statue.
by dragon September 23, 2003
The idiotic Wizards of the Coast game more formally known as "Yugio"
Will you stop playin yugayo and eat your dinner?!
by dragon January 16, 2004
The negative spiritual situation created by a person for themselves because they put out lots of negative energy, have lots of negative thoughts, and do negative and/or evil things to people.
By spreading so many nasty rumors and lies, Kitty is digging herself a karma grave.
by dragon January 31, 2004
Shut the fuck up, bitch!
Shut the fuck up, bastard!
STFUB, you get on my nerves!
by dragon January 18, 2005
The general measure of banter in a given area/group/place/person/galaxy/cheese.
"Hey guys look at me swim in this pool of custard!!!"

"That's a high Coefficient of Banter!"
by dragon February 12, 2013