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If you know any mexican people then you'll know this is a non-derogatory term used to refer to US citizens. Mostly because the term "American" does not make sense to the rest of the Americans (all those people who live in the continent named "America", wich is every body from Alaska to argentina), and the word "Estadounidense" (UnitedStatean)is too long.

Folklore says it was generated when the US invaded mexico, wearing green uniforms, and the people shouted at them "Green Go Home".

With time it lost all derogatory status and was turned into the most common word to refer to any US citizen.
"Hey, que pasa pinche gringo! How is it going!!"
by Dragon March 05, 2005
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The high school where there is absolutly no parking. Where they build a Junior lot that fills by 6:50, and where the cops get tingly feelings by tickiting you for being in the no stopping no standing zones even though there is no other possible parking. The high school that you pull up to a half hour before homeroom starts, and cringe as you realize there is not a single space on either side of the road, and the neigborhood is full...you say a few words of prayer as you pull in front of the no parking no standing sign, hope for the best only to walk out after 13th period to find a $125 ticket placed ever so elegantly under your wiper blades. Cherokee, the school that takes pleasure in using huge orange cones to block off what little parking we do have; the school where you wish your friends would just fail their license tests so they don't hog up your potential parking spaces.
I have received 5 tickets in the past few months for no parking no standing. The announcement made today: "Students, we need to keep a good relation with Brush Hollow, don't park the wrong way...dont park there at all..."
Best example, the HUGE, pointless orange cones.
by Dragon April 14, 2005
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Shut the fuck up, bitch!
Shut the fuck up, bastard!
STFUB, you get on my nerves!
by Dragon January 18, 2005
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The negative spiritual situation created by a person for themselves because they put out lots of negative energy, have lots of negative thoughts, and do negative and/or evil things to people.
By spreading so many nasty rumors and lies, Kitty is digging herself a karma grave.
by Dragon January 30, 2004
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The idiotic Wizards of the Coast game more formally known as "Yugio"
Will you stop playin yugayo and eat your dinner?!
by dragon January 16, 2004
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The general measure of banter in a given area/group/place/person/galaxy/cheese.
"Hey guys look at me swim in this pool of custard!!!"

"That's a high Coefficient of Banter!"
by DRAGON February 12, 2013
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A mysterious black rose;
Fragrance: Gardenias & Jasmine
Visual: Panther, sleek and glistening
Laugh: Haunting
As in: "rareest of jewels."
by Dragon December 12, 2003
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