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CBBC Channel - Childrens television channel on satellite and cable television in england. from the BBC.

The chav equivelant of a babysitter or child minder
Chav Parents: "Lets go out nick a car, get drunk, take drugs and leave the kids infront of the CBBC Channel" - we would like to be able to afford cartoon network, disney and nickelodeon but cant.
by djchrissy August 20, 2004
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***Warning - This is discguising***

Slang for Pornography where the participants use human "poo". Usually ingested fresh from the rectum.

Slang by melissa =p
"Please poo in my mouth, i find it such a turn on, oooh oooh - what the fuck have you been eating??"
"oh lumpy theres a bit of sweetcorn"
by djchrissy August 20, 2004
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Welsh Slang. Rough cross between "shut up" and "fuck".
by djchrissy August 19, 2004
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a descriptor for something which is considered a chav trait or lifestyle or something that a chav might use/do/eat/listen to/etc. , branched from "chav" see: Chav
Eminem, How chavvytastic

look i got the latest gold chain from argos, how chavvytastic

ooh look a kebab, my staple diet, how chavvytastic
by djchrissy August 19, 2004
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britains subscription satellite tv service. Usually shortened to "sky".

over 7 million subscribers. Basically, this is the centre of every chav home, it would be incomplete without it.

This is the prime source of entertainment for a chav family whilst they let there dole money save up so they can buy another new tv from cash converters and a karaoke machine to shut little jimmy up.
"I am watching the simpsons on Sky"

"Whats on sky tonight dear?"

"I live in a tower block, have very little money and dont bother to feed my kids properly but i am happy to be robbed of £40 a month sky subscription"
by djchrissy August 20, 2004
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the act of giving one a handjob in a cinema - usually on the back row to avoid being seen. Some find this exciting and fun as it is in a public place. See handjob
"My girlfriend gave me a handjob when we were watching harry potter 3 in the cinema yesterday"
by djchrissy August 19, 2004
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A good shop to buy satellite equipment from.
Lidl have good offers on FTA Receivers and satellite dishes sometimes.
by djchrissy August 19, 2004
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