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***Warning - This is discguising***

Slang for Pornography where the participants use human "poo". Usually ingested fresh from the rectum.

Slang by melissa =p
"Please poo in my mouth, i find it such a turn on, oooh oooh - what the fuck have you been eating??"
"oh lumpy theres a bit of sweetcorn"
by djchrissy August 20, 2004
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Pornography wherein one involves fecal matter in the erotic display.
Auara Snow sucked off Buck Naked and he shot off a juicy load over her eyebrows. Meanwhile, James Jamesly is doing her in the butthole, pounding away, but can't yet achieve orgasm. Auara has an idea: she farts a spattering shower of shit into his face and he ejaculates all over her mid section while rubbing the crap all over her. He then says "that's quality poo porn!"
by Popcorn Chicken May 26, 2005
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