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A band that formed in the early 80's, and pretty much started the whole 'grunge' sound before the rest of them came along from Seattle. The split-up officially about 1999, but the lead singer/guitarist, J Mascis now has another band J Mascis + the Fog. All of Dino Jr's albums were pretty good, of cousre some were weaker than others (all of them weaker than 'You're Living All Over Me') but they were all solid albums.
Dinosaur Jr are/were one of the best underground bands of all-time.
by Steve January 11, 2005
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sick indie/lo-fi band out of the '80s and 90's. Members include J. Mascis (guitar and vocals), Murph (drums), and Lou Barlow (bass). Released their debut album Dinosaur in '85, and broke up in the late '90s
dinosaur jr. is a pretty sweet band.
by cubbienathan June 12, 2008
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possibly the best grunge band of all time, they're like contemporary neil young with even more distortion
man, J. Mascis from Dinosaur jr is like the modern neil young
by deadprez92 May 26, 2007
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