Da gaot no ceap
Person 1: Do you listen to Hi-C
Person 2: Yeah he the gaot no ceap
Person 3: Damn bro come here and kiss me
by CatlaustYeahh May 15, 2022
Guy 1: I could drink 12 Hi-Cs in a row!
Guy 2: *gasp* I just did! *breathe*
by Zalkne April 9, 2009
Hi-c (also known as C boogie) is an artist better known for being a part of rcb (Reptilian Club Boyz) & a big part of the underground. He's collaborated with people like Lil Tracy, Axxturel, & many more.
Yo you heard that new Hi-c?
by Yumekos April 24, 2022
Only the second best rapper in the world 😂🙌 i love hi-c he is the best and is better than your favourite artist you bum ass losers get better taste
(Loser)- Who's Hi-C rapper

(Man of taste) - Only the best rapper to ever live!!!!

(Loser) - I don't know man he sounds pretty mid

(Man of taste) - that's why you a fxcking loser bum ass butch slit your wrist
by NotGum... May 15, 2022
Typically used to describe someone who has a strange kink, usually associating with fanfiction of the popular multiplayer game, among us
Yo that guy's real hi-c, I heard he even likes bdsm
by Juju ツ June 24, 2021
when you jack a hawaiian off and when he cums catch it and slap him in the face with it.
gary just gave me double inverted hi-c rudebayga last night it was fucking crazy.
by garyplorence May 25, 2009