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A phrase that instantly deflates the intensity of one's argument.

Commonly used to sound more polite when making a suggestion, or more humble when making an observation. It can also add a subtle flair to an insult.
I think the government is doing a fine job.

I think you should shut the hell up.
by desuforeverlulz November 6, 2013
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bee-ING-gaz-uhm (noun)
1. a portmanteau of the words "being" and "orgasm"
2. an ecstatic pleasure derived from simply being
"Everything is awesome! I think I'm about to have a beingasm!"
by desuforeverlulz August 15, 2014
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Similar to poking smot, where you're so damn stoned you can't say "smoking weed" right.
Person A:
God, what's that smell? What have you guys been doing?

Person B:
We were just woking smeed.
by desuforeverlulz August 16, 2011
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A phrase used in substitution for actual reasons. It's typically used in situations where a question is either too complex to give a sound logical answer and it's simpler to convince the other person that they should just give you the benefit of the doubt, or because the question is incredibly stupid and therefore not worth answering, or the answer that would have been given should be obvious to anyone with a brain. It can also be used to just make a statement about something.
Person 1: I fucking hate Carrot Top.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: Because reasons.

Person 1: Are you voting for Santorum in the primaries?
Person 2: No, because reasons.

*kid falls off of bicycle*
Person 1: Haha, it's funny because reasons.
by desuforeverlulz March 21, 2012
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An adjective used to describe marijuana that has nug-like qualities, which is to say that it is not broken up or ground in large quantities. The opposite of nugular would be shake.
Nothing pisses me off more than trying to weigh a whole bunch of weed that is anything but nugular.
by desuforeverlulz July 22, 2012
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1. (adjective) Of or relating to nugs, esp. as opposed to shake.
"Damn, look at all that beautiful, nugular weed."
by desuforeverlulz March 10, 2018
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