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1) pointlesswasteoftime.com => a site that sinks the gullible
2) kick-ass humour site for the ones that GET IT.
to the incredibly stupid, thick, and dull-witted: "IT'S SATIRE! YOU CANNOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! GODDAMN!"
by Davo July 05, 2004
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North East dialect for spit, saliva
The pavement was covered in hockle
by Davo February 16, 2003
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1. Yes
2. Song title (when one has no brains to come up with another one)
3. A reply used at someone when they say something REALLY stupid in order to show them you do not give a rat's ass.
1. Yea
3. Idiot: Do you prefer these shoes or these shoes?
Guy: ... Yea.
by Davo March 26, 2004
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A description of a toilet that has a lid that won't allow you to stand up and urinate because the lid keeps falling down, resulting in mess, annoyance, and possible dry-cleaning bills.
I just got caught by the penis fly trap upstairs; there's mess everywhere! It got my new jeans!
by Davo March 22, 2005
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A sport invented in 2003 involving the gonads of the male sex, where he (e.g. the jackass) must reciprocate his balls up and down the rough bark of a tree (pref. maple).
If the man loses (as in, his balls fall off), then he must seek emergency treatment and possibly a sex change.
Once the man went to the woods to eporleate, he never returned to sanity.
by Davo March 26, 2004
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A pierced clitoris
She got a moostaka yesterday!
by Davo June 10, 2004
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Someone with an incredibaly large head
If there head looks to big for thier body they are a beef head
by Davo September 09, 2003
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