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A style of music which involve electric guitars and drums who play loud (or rather SUPPOSED to be loud) music that the lead singer sings about various things according to the listeners liking.
Rob Zombie
(Among others)
by David April 23, 2004

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The act of surgically removing the foreskin from a man's penis. The surgery is usually done to boys as infants. Reasons range from religious (practiced in the Jewish and Muslim faiths) to personal (many fathers want their sons to be like them; some parents worry about their sons not being like other boys) to health (birth defects or physical problems that could be fixed or relieved with the removal of the foreskin). The act is most common in Jewish and Muslim countries, as well as the United States (though the rate is decreasing). Most boys in Europe, Asia and Central and South America are not circumcised.

Although it has been a controversial subject for many years, most doctors now agree that the surgery is not beneficial except in individual, health-related cases. Most insurance companies no longer cover the surgery. A penis generally functions the same way circumcised or not, so the only real difference is aesthetic.
John was not circumcised because his parents didn't feel there was good reason to do so.

Daniel and Elizabeth's son was circumcised as a part of their Jewish faith.
by david January 22, 2005

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The country which is not willing to recognise Armenian genocide which happened between 1915-1917 and took lives of about 2 millions of inoccent armenian women, children and men. Though all facts make it obvious that genocide took place, turkey still denies it and doesn't want to pay and return the land which belongs to Armenia. After being warned by his comrades not to kill Jews, Adolf Hitler said: Who remembers the Armenian massacre now?
speaker 1: What can you say about Turkey?

speaker 2: I can say that it is the most shitty country which has no courage to pay for the mistakes it did.

speaker 1: Yeah, I agree with you... Turkey SUCKS all the way...
by David June 18, 2006

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Bend Over Boyfriend. When a woman uses a "stapon" on her man.
"B.O.B." she says, with a sly smile on her face.
by David February 23, 2004

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Two pack saltshaker is a bitchass fake mofo
2pac's dead, get over it, let me suck yo mama's tit
by David March 30, 2005

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A complete and utter fallacy. It is just an invention by women to keep their men feeling insufficient.
Man: Wow was that great...
Woman: What? Oh, you mean the sex? I was actually thinking we needed to redo the drapes...
by David September 30, 2004

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