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A slang term referring to be equipped with, particularly, firearms.
"Don't fuck with me. I'm strapped."
by Dave November 03, 2004

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Russian special forces skilled in highly-advanced CQB, and with the objective of getting behind the enemy lines and getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Although they lost their fame at the end of the Cold War, they are still highly-capable soldiers trained on all aspects, including counterterrorism.

See also GRU.
"I'd like to take Spetsnaz training so I can fight like those guys from The Hunted."
by Dave September 08, 2004

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British terminology for "lies", etc; used to attempt to prove a spoken subject as contradictory.
"Democracy and humanitarianism have long been trademarks of the British Army."
-a scene from The Meaning of Life
by Dave June 15, 2004

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Donkey Kong!
"Donkey Kong Country was the shit back in its day. ^_^ "
by Dave March 26, 2004

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A movie released in the early 80's, perhaps around '83. Starring Al Pacino.

Although old, it is a major, major cult classic these days. Boasting kick-ass music, an interesting storyline, and the infamous catchphrase "say hello to my lil friend!", at this rate Scarface will continue to please all viewers for generations to come (I would know; I know LOTS of people my age, even those much younger than me, who enjoy the movie a lot, and enjoy the catchphrase).
"Say hello to my lil friend!"
-Tony, with an M16 equipped with an M203 GL

"That's disgusting; look like a fawkin' lizard man."
-Tony, after seeing Manny do that tongue trick

"You need people like me so you can point your fawkin' fingers and say that's the bad guy!"
-Tony, at the restaurant, probably influenced by coke
by Dave February 10, 2004

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National Socialist Black Metal. black metal which contains racist beliefs, essentially. NSBM bands are usually, musically speaking, of the kvlt persuasion, with the local folk instruments thrown in here and there.

NSBM bands usually draw their lyrical inspiration from pre-Christian heathen traditions rather than Satanism, and usually ascribe or claim to ascribe to the standards of honour supposedly upheld by these ancestral folk.

Somewhat confusingly, NSBM is most popular in the Slavic regions of Eastern Europe; one of the biggest names in the scene, Rob Darken, is actually from Poland, surely the last place you'd expect anything remotely Nazi-esque to be taking root.
"Why listen to NSBM, man? Regular BM isn't extreme enough, you need it to be Nazi as well?"
by Dave June 19, 2004

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As in "goin' steady," when a boy and a girl are bf/gf and are unavailable by their respective opposite sexes because they are taken and in love with eachother.... the two are goin' steady.
Hugo asked Kim out several times, and they got pinned, so now they're goin' steady.
by dave February 11, 2004

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