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the animal that kids want to swim with even though it has the name KILLER in its goddamn name.
"why did the killer whale kill my son?"
by dannyisjesus November 18, 2005

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Blehck is a way of saying you feel sick or uneasy. Or it can be a way of saying that an object or an article of clothing or a person is just so unpleasing that you can't think of a good enough word to name it.
Example 1. Daniel "sorry man, I can't see the movie tomorrow" Reid "why not?" Daniel "because I'm feeling just sorta Blehck right now.

Example 2. Daniel "did you see Jesse's face the other day?" Reid "Oh yeah dude! it was all....BLEHCK!"
by Dannyisjesus June 05, 2006

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no no no you guys. a flounder is when you put your non erected penis on a girls face and flop it around, sort of like a slap with your dick. this can also be called fish out of water.
"i was sitting there on the couch, and she was asleep so i gave her a flounder."
by dannyisjesus November 18, 2005

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it simply means to make someone a bastard.
"why did I have to bastardise our new son?!?!?!"
by Dannyisjesus December 06, 2005

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a dingle hopper is a way to say EXTREMELY SMALL PENIS!
i heard that ted has a dingle hopper.
by dannyisjesus November 18, 2005

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