To make a bastard doesn't necessarily have to refer to people. Giving a legitimate word a new meaning could be bastardising the word. Basically, it's butchering the English language. See orphaned. If you have an idea, and someone takes the idea, changes it around and gives it new meaning, that's bastardising. If you design a newsletter, for instance, and someone else takes over and keeps part of your design but applies elements that don't match up with yours, that's bastardising. You get the drift.
Henry, how do you like the newsletter now that Sue's been doing it for a year?

I'd like it better if she hadn't bastardised my design.

Well, how do you like

Half the people putting stuff up there just bastardise the language.

by Glenwood October 1, 2006
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it simply means to make someone a bastard.
"why did I have to bastardise our new son?!?!?!"
by Dannyisjesus December 6, 2005
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To rip apart a selected format and screw with its originality
That Daniel has been bastardising our language again
by Dr Beatz April 23, 2008
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A person who becomes a bastard
When a persons dad goes to the shops for a pack of fags and never comes back, they've been bastardised.

Barry was bastardised at an early age when his dad went to the shop for a pack of cigarettes and never returned.
by RKingda July 10, 2015
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That fucking silly bastard derick nobcheese illustrates perfectly the way the english language endures bastardisation with his shit explanation of said word:

Atomic Kitten have bastardisation
a song again!
Apple have bastardisation
microsoft, or tried to.

See? The silly fucking dumb cunt.

Bastardisation, the process of, is a corrupted copy of a given original.
derick nobcheese is a bastardisation of a human being.
by Louseboy August 10, 2004
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To bastardise something.
To make something very uncool out of something that used to be cool.
"Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice is a bastardisation of a Queen's "Under Pressure".
"I'll Be Missing You" by Diddy and Faith Evans is a bastradisation of "Every Breathe You Take" by The police.
by CRAIGJJAMES May 28, 2010
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derick nobcheese's entry is a perfect example of a bastardisation of a definition.
It helps to use nouns properly in a sentence, preferably as nouns and not as verbs.
by Militia July 27, 2004
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