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Diagonal stripes sewn to the lower part of the sleeve of a Navy enlisted man or woman's uniform. Each stripe represents four years of service.
You can tell that guy's a lifer by all his hash marks.
by dandi May 28, 2006
False bravado or courage a male demonstrates when posting under the safe anonymity provided by the internet. Usually displayed by pimply-faced 98-lb. losers whom girls never look at except when ordering fries with their Super Burgers. Occurs most frequently on discussion forums during heated arguments. The more threatening one becomes, the bigger their "internet wang" is said to be.
Poster 1: "You think you're so tough? Come up here to Podunk, Illinois and I'll kick your ass!"

Poster 2: "My, what a huge internet wang you have."
by dandi May 28, 2006
Ten lbs. of shit in a five-lb. bag. A disparaging term for someone who is basically full of shit.
Did you see that blivitt Howard Dean making the rounds on the Sunday talk shows this week?
by dandi December 20, 2003
The way every illiterate person I ever met spells "dining".
To Awl inturestid Horspital staf:
Ther will b a meating inthe nursing home 1 dinning room at 0900 to heer a leckchur on the hazzurds of consuming lead-baist paint chips durin childhud.
by dandi December 20, 2003
Navy slang for a National Defense Ribbon.
Everyone who serves during wartime gets a gedunk ribbon, whether they saw combat or not.
by dandi May 28, 2006
The round, white cake of deodorizer found in the bottom of men's urinals in some public restrooms.
"I really enjoyed the urinal mint. Had to suck on it a long time to make it dissolve, though."
by dandi August 7, 2006
When in a sitting position, leaning forward slightly after farting to catch a whiff of your flatulence. Because after all, one's own farts actually smell pretty good, don't they? Must be done slightly and imperceptibly when around company, lest you give away the fact that you are both the "smeller" and the "feller".
"Oh man, who cut the cheese?"

"Must've been Bob. I saw him doing that stankster lean."
by dandi June 14, 2006