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To force something, usually an idea or concept, into a field in which it doesn't belong
"I really wish they wouldn't shoehorn microtransactions into these adventure games."
by Angry Groceries June 14, 2015
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To Shoehorn is to put something into a space where it doesn't fit.
alot of game developers make a great storyline for a game, then shoe-horn multiplayer in at the last second, causing it to suck.
by Revanx17 June 06, 2011
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a handy dandy appliance used for making taking shoes off even easier
"i see your foot is stuck in your shoe, here borrow my shoe horn"
by Norman Truddleswick May 12, 2005
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Future climate modelling: to build a coupled atmosphere ocean climate model at the last moment and enter it into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) next Assessment Report. And then expect people to take climate change seriously based on the preliminary results.
"Who would be so crazy as to try and shoe horn a model into the IPCC?"
by model developer October 28, 2009
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The act of using a finger to slide a penis into a tight vagina, normally a vagina, imitating the act of using a shoehorn to slide your foot into a shoe.
Guy: Dude did you hear about Jac?
Fag:No, What?
Guy:She got shoehorned by that dirty redneck.
by Jacky got shoehorned January 29, 2008
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To "Shoehorn" is the ability and occasional obligation to assist a friend in charming and seducing a girl of their choosing.

A "Shoehorn" is the exact opposite of a "Cock Block". Rather than steal or discourage his/her girl you do your fucking best to get him/her a piece of that ass.
Seriously man I need this. Can you please shoehorn me this time?
by Martles the Great February 12, 2009
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