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A Democratic party supporter's website that is a gathering place for politics obsessed misanthropes who seethe with impotent rage at their complete lack of power and control over the American people. The poster's at Democratic Underground all seem to be bourgeois lefty political groper's in various stages of mental illness. Paranoia reigns supreme there, as does self-loathing, hatred of people in general, a strident belief in complex conspiracies which dominate and thwart them at every turn, and a desperate need to believe that all of their problems in life are somebody else's fault.
"I can't function in life because Chimpy McFlightsuit, Darth Cheney, KKKarl Rove, Halliburton, Bectel, the KBR death camps, Diebold, Blackwater, LIHOP, MIHOP, chem-trails, Fitzmas, Scooter Libby, and the Pentagon's hurricane and earthquake machine ruined my life... so I might as well hang out here at Democratic Underground."
by RonnieTheGreat April 19, 2008
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A place for democrats and liberals with closed minds. It has 70,000 members, yet they all sound the same. The basic message is "fuck bush, fuck republicans, fuck Howard Dean, fuck anyone with a differing opinion, oh god, the world is going to end."

A place for people who preach dissent, preach diversity, preach tolerance yet will cruch you in a heart beat if you say anything that don't agree with.

Also a place for people who like to bitch endlessly but don't like to lift a finger to fix any problems.
It doesn't matter how much I hate George W. Bush because I also hate John Kerry, so I am not welcome at the Democratic Underground.

If you are a true liberal, you should probably steer clear of the Democratic Underground.
by JackD April 16, 2005
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An online forum exclusively for members of the U.S. Democratic Party and those from the "left" side of the U.S. political spectrum. In the absence of outside conflict or critique, the forum isn't so much a place to develop political and philsophical savvy as much as simply a "hang out" spot to belittle conservatives, trumpet the successes of Democratic officials and candidates, and to serve as a social spot for like-minded people.
George W. Bush angers me! I'm going on Democratic Underground to vent and have fun.
by Lothar March 04, 2004
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A web-based forum/community with but one goal: overthrowing the American Republic and replacing it with a communist dictatorship.

DU is the web-based forum/community for the US communist party without actually calling itself communist. Being or liking a mainstream democrat like Joe Lieberman is not allowed on DU.

You are only allowed to post if you are at least as leftist as Karl Marx.
Democratic Underground wants a US communist state so that all opponents of the communists (republicans, conservatives, moderates, independents, mainstream democrats) can be put in gulags or simply shot.

DU worships Lenin, Castro, Chavez, Saddam and any nutcase willing to say the words: I hate the US (or alternatively: I hate Bush).
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A site for open minded Progressives against Right Wing fascism to communicate and ban and delete any post that they disagree with.

The rich White teenagers who post there are promoters of Social Justice.

Vast arguments are welcome. For example: Someone who is for total government gun control debating someone who is for strict licensing, back ground checks, and restriction on sales of weapons that are considered "Too dangerous," is considered a clash of opposing opinions.

See also: Irony.
I would debate a Protest Warrior, but my arguments get destroyed so I went to my insulated echo chamber, the Democratic Underground.
by Harlan Peppa July 06, 2005
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1. online rallying center for assorted liberals, progressives and left-leaning independents that are fed up with the Democratic Party's right-wing tilt - and prove it by campaigning for right-wing candidates like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton<br>
2. a wet dream for Seattle's liberal peace pussies, who prefer to rant about a problem rather than lift a finger to fix it
3. hypocritical online forum that criticizes Republican corruption while ignoring the sins of the National Education Association, which supports the corrupt Democratic Party
Democratic Underground is a great place to keep up on current events and pick up some cool political nicknames, insults or one-liners. Now if I could just find a collection of armchair politicians who are interested in fixing a problem or two...
by David Blomstrom May 15, 2006
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A wonderland/safehouse for frustrated Democrats needing to vent and surround themselves in similar company. Also a decent place to find thorough, if slanted, coverage of all the wacky goings-on in the world of neo-conservatism. Democratic Underground is significant in that it was one of the first organizations to really dig in and unearth the details regarding the Jeff Gannon controversy. Must-reads on Democratic Underground include the hilariously scathing Top 10 Conservative Idiots, Equal Time With Bob Boudelang, and The Crisis Papers. Their Hate Mail section is also of note because complete decay of your faith in humanity can be fun.
"Fuck you. You are all a bunch of anti-american cock-smokers. Stop spreading your bullshit anti-bush anti-republican propaganda. I can't believe you fucking assholes have nothing better to do that bash one of the greatest presidents in this nations history and try to raise up on your pathetic faggot ass shoulders this fucking pussy Kerry who fucking runs and cries when a splinter gets in his finger so he can get a fucking purple heart. What will happen if this piece of shit is put in charge of our country? He will turn this nation over to UN control, ask them what we should do (the UN hates American by the way fuck-tards) let them delegate how we should run our lives, he will severely weaken our policies on how we deal with terrorists, handing that over to the UN too, Bush has balls, he takes care of his own. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. I am hoping you write some aging hippie bullshit back for me to read and have a good laugh over. So remember... FUCK YOU!

DU RESPONDS: Steady on Dick. This isn't the floor of the Senate you know."

-Typical exchange in the Hate Mailbag section
by Squid Wrangler May 14, 2005
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