62 definition by dagger_grrl

those fuckers who drive aound in their beat-up godblessamerica bumpersticker-plastered pickup trucks with nothing better to do than pitch beer cans at my head while screaming.
by dagger_grrl November 01, 2003

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a close friend with whom one hikes or generally hangs out with outdoors.

a euphemistic term denoting a same sex (often male) friendship whose level of time and emotional commitment may raise eyebrows among the less open-minded / their jealous wives.
my hiking partner and i are planning on hiking the white mountains this summer.

i hear jeb's taking some flack from his wife over the amount of time spent with his 'hiking buddy'.
by dagger_grrl October 02, 2004

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a sometimes euphemistic term used to describe one of two people of the same sex who are in a commited, longterm, co-habitational relationship, and who are often presumed to be lovers.
myrtle and her long time companion, susan, retired together on Cape Cod last year.
by dagger_grrl October 02, 2004

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short for ambiguous. one who's affections, romantic platonic or sexual, are potentially geared towards anyone regardless of sex or gender. also pansexual.
some people might label jenni "bi" but she perfers the term ambi.
by dagger_grrl October 11, 2003

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a mythical animal having the body of a stag, the head of a badger, and rows of long, bony teeth like a lion. likely originated from exaggerated tales of african hyenas.
leucrottas are nifty, nifty beasties.
by dagger_grrl March 17, 2004

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Navajo writer, artist, photographer, activist, and story-weaver. born in the south west in 1950, he is the author of countless books, many still unpublished.
i'd really like to meet him some day....
by dagger_grrl December 14, 2004

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a big, ugly, mean, orange breed of dog with a blue tounge and wooly fur.

one of these things tried to kill my sister once...
connie's chow sucks. this is the third time it's clamped onto my sack this week.
by dagger_grrl October 12, 2003

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