Similar to “no cap” but when you use no baptism you don’t want to take back what you said meaning it is true and you don’t regret saying it
by CHWBS August 26, 2019
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a sexual act where a group of guys ejaculate into a bowl and then shove a girls head in it.
Betty was getting so turned on watching the guys wrestling team that she asked them if they could baptize her.

I am still trying to wash everything out of my hair from my baptism
by lame like betty January 27, 2009
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slapping the head of one's penis to another person's forehead, usually achieved stealthily
My girlfriend fell asleep watching t.v. on the couch, so I snuck up behind her, and woke her up with a ferocious baptism.
by phrobowroe March 16, 2009
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When your girl is on her knees in the hot shower ready to suck you off, and you stretch your nutsack out into the shape of a bowl to catch water inside it. Once full, you dump the holy water on her head to let her know she has been blessed to swallow your unwanted children.
Its time for your 7pm baptism. Get the shower hot so there is more room for the holy water...
by A ball moron October 16, 2020
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The act in which the ballbag is attacked by the swift back hand of some young punk.
Mark stold my cigarette so I gave him a high defenition baptism.
by Its lee dood September 03, 2006
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When a person of higher intelligence is checked into several-day inpatient psychiatric facility. Discordianism is an absurdist religion (or psuedo religion) which reveres the Greek Goddess Eris, the scion of chaos.
"What happened to our theoretical physics professor?"
"He's having his Discordian Baptism in the loony bin."
"Poor guy!"
by Foxnight February 22, 2015
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