We be pansexual but we don’t fucking fuck pans
by Wet man December 27, 2019
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screaming and confusion because everyone is hot welp
1: "Yo, what are they doing over there?"
2: "Oh, don't worry, they are pansexual, this is completly normal."
Pansexual Person: *screams*
by fairylightsandpride October 18, 2019
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1. Adjective: A group which is open to members of all sexual orientations or gender identities including straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, or transvestite.

2. Noun: A person who is sexually interested in other people regardless of gender including males, females, transexuals, tansvestites, gender benders, hermaphrodites, intersexuals, androgenous people, and those with sex-chromosome anomaly such as klinefelter syndrome or turner syndrome.

3. Noun: A person who is a member of a pansexual group or a person who associates with people of all sexual orientations but is not necessarily interested in sex with people of all sexes or genders though they may be comfortable with public displays of affection (PDAs) or semi-public sexual activity which is not confined to their own sexual orientation.

4. Noun: One who perceives all activities and experiences as sexual.

5. Noun: One who believes that all consensual activities are ethical.

6. Noun. One who believes that all
human behavior stems from the sex drive.

7. Adj. Pertaining to a person, group, or idea fitting the above descriptions.

Derivation: From the greek "pan" (meaning "all") and the english "sexual"

Alternate forms: pansexuality pansexualism pansexualist pansexualize

Synonyms: omnisexual
XYZ is a pansexual BDSM education and support group. Any adult interested in the safe sane and consensual (SSC) practice of spanking, bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, domination & submission, polyamory, or fetishes, regardless of sexual orientation, is welcome to attend.

Membership in some alternative sexuality groups is restricted to people of a particular gender or gender preference but the pansexuals are comfortable around people regardless of sex, gender, or gender preference.
by Faustopheles April 14, 2004
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In Spanish "pan" is bread, therefore, pansexual obviously refers to bread-sex
I like to have my pansexual moments when my bread is fresh from the oven and slathered in butter
by Bubagump March 21, 2009
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one who's affections, romantic platonic or sexual, are potentially geared towards anyone regardless of sex or gender identity.
allie's not bi, she's pansexual. and don't ya fergit it!
by dagger_grrl October 11, 2003
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Someone who experiences sexual attraction regardless of sex, or gender.
Your local pansexual: Yes I will fuck all of your kitchenware. No I'm fucking joking Susan, put the crock pot back down.
by betareil February 15, 2017
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one who is attracted to kitchenware
oh my god im so horny i think ill have pansexual sex with this pot
by a random guy that likes pizza December 13, 2019
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