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NOUN: Sexual intercourse between a man and woman charterized by the woman bending over, typically on all fours, and the man inserting his penis into her VAGINA.

ADVERB: in the manner or style of sexual intercourse described above
N: Amy likes woman-on-top while Tom perfers doggystyle

ADJ: Tom wanted to do Amy doggystyle
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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ADJ: a look charachterized by the use of heavy or intense make up, highly stylized hair, and/or btight colorful dress.

Used as a compliment
Christina Aguleria and Gwen Stephani are always dolled out.
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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A drinking game where in all cards are dealt out to three or more players. The players then in turn either play a card if the rules permit or drink alchol.

The first player to play all of his or her cards is declared the president the last is declared the asshole.

PLayers play there cards by placing them in the center one on top of another. In general a player may play one of his or her card if that card is of higher value than the last card played. If no player can play a card then the center pile is removed and the player who played the last card may now play a card of any value.

Under many variants of the game cards have special values or powers. Under some variant the President of the preceeding game may choose to alter or create special values for some of the cards.

Common special powers include:
-2s clear the pile. Player may play any card
-4s may be played on any card and are considered transparent
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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The apparent contradiction that women from India tend to be either amazingly beautiful or less than attractive. Particularly noticable among first generation Indian undergraduates.
The Indian dichotomy is in full effect at the club tonight
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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A male, usually of college age, typically drunk, who makes obvious advances on large number of women in a short period of time.

Derived from that fact that squirrels go from tree to tree trying to find a nut
Dude John is a total squirrel tonight he has hit on every woman in this bar.
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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Noun: A sexual encounter involving one man and two women. Contrasted against a sexual encounter involving two men and one woman - a Gang Bang or Train Ride.
Sally did not consider her husband's advances towards Amy as cheating because the trio regularly enjoyed threesomes
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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1)When one man has unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman who's vagina still contains semen from a previous partner.

Derived from the fact that the second male is at risk for catching STDs from the first but the first is relatively free of risk.

2)Any decrease in provision size or quality do to a hiearchical ranking among men.
1: Tom and David both had sex with Jenny last night but David got sloppy seconds because he was younger.

2:When the fraternity entered the bar the bothers were allowed to pick dates first while the pledges got sloppy seconds.
by crew8221 March 9, 2004
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