A lot of fucking cum on a girl fat titties
Dude, Vanessa was giving me some dope ass head last night and I busted a big load, it got in her eyes, and then proceeded to run my cock in between her tits with cum as lubricant.
by Horace P. MacTitties Ezekiel December 8, 2013
Jenny was giving me such good head last night that her huge tits made me cum a big load all over her.
I cummed a big load on her tits
by Hellotoallthepeopleoutthere November 6, 2022
A man with excessive amount of semen
Benny big loads consumed enough celery to supply a lifetime of women
by Your moms smile September 13, 2022
You cum inside a hamburger and give it to a homeless man. You have aids.
I just gave him The “fully loaded” Big Mac special, he didn’t even notice.
by lil dinero October 21, 2018