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Williamstown is a TINY town randomly in the western corner of Massachusetts. Williamstown is full of rich, preppy, (sometimes smart), white kids. There isn’t really anything to do there but it is where you’ll find the most Bean Boots and Sperrys in New England. Like it’s the only shoes worn there. Williamstown breeds elitist white kids and you definitely should not live there because anyone who does, wants to get the fuck out.
*sees a cocky guy wearing vineyard vines shorts and sperrys with Nike socks*
“Oh he must be from Williamstown, MA”
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by GUCCIGANG123 December 06, 2017
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A town in the northwest corner of the state. On paper it looks like a good town because a good amount of people are employed by Williams College and make a good living. The people that aren't affiliated with the college however are just as backward and rednecked as those who live in neighboring North Adams. The town itself is nice although some parts are a bit run down and decrepit. But hey at least its not NA.
Williamstown, Ma is just ok
by antipopculture May 27, 2011
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