49 definitions by cole

the Center or everything
i am gonna make my way to the core of the house
by Cole August 16, 2003
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Gangster slang, for a P.I.M.P. What you would call a good friend, a stranger that is good at sports, especially paintball.
Was`sup, holmesballa?
Hes a holmesballa fo' real.
by Cole January 09, 2005
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A person in Kansas who knows he is white but purposely takes the nickname of a seemingly ghetto origin. Short for Cole D.
What up C-Diddily?
You were killed by C-Diddily with an AK-47
Shit son its C-Diddily
by Cole May 03, 2003
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it meens hadleys got a fukin mungus arsed chin!!!!
cinderella sat on hiz face an sed lie bitch lie!!
by cole October 29, 2004
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an easier way for red sox fans to admit their team sucks, without saying they suck. dated back to the trade of babe ruth, it is a liberal maneuver, in where it is much easier to blame your own problems on something that doesn’t exist, instead of taking responsibility for your actions I.E. management, pitching, fielding errors etc.
the yankees just crushed us 19-8...man i hate the curse. why does this always happen to us.
by cole October 27, 2004
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a person or place or thing that is great
You are a Savage miser.
by Cole January 20, 2003
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a 1337 G4ng57a i used to be able to hang out with. one of the Triggas. Too bad he camps all the time :-X
The Flaming Wolf of Justice spews his dragonbreath on Jerusalem once again! Oh noes!
by cole March 15, 2004
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