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Despite sounding unoriginal... The funniest thing on the internet, hands-down. Featuring the greatest character in the history of the world - Private L.L. Church.
Church: (to Caboose's Mental Church) "First of all, you? You're not Caboose's best friend, okay? You don't have a best friend. You know why? You don't need one! You're Church! Knowing other people just waters down the experience. Live the dream buddy!"
by Rufus Shinra November 11, 2004
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The Greatest thing scince sliced bread. you can never go wrong by watching episode 1-47 in one sitting. and if you think it is the worst thing ever, i will personaly find you and slit your thoat in your sleep.
Caboose: What’s a freelancer?

Tucker: Freelancers are independent they’re not red or blue. They’ll fight for who ever have the most money.

Caboose: Like a mercenary

Tucker: Right. Or like your mom, when the rent is due.

Caboose: Oh that’s funny.

Tucker: Ya you didn’t think that was to obvious

Caboose: No, no not at all it was good.
by deathstorm A.K.A Sarge January 20, 2005
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One of the funniest comedy websites available on the internet. The creators use linked X-boxes along with their Halo games to make a comedy based in the popular "Blood Gulch" map. Definately worth a look.
Dude, did you catch the newest Red vs Blue? It's fan-fucking-tastic!

Church:Tex walked up to him, pulled his skull out of his head, and beat him to death with it.

Blue:Wait a do you beat someone to death with their own skull? That doesn't seem physically possible.

Church:That's exactly what Jimmy kept screaming.

by bAc0Nb0Y February 14, 2004
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A hilarious online-based show made using Halo and Halo 2. The show that made machinama known.
I love the newest RedvsBlue episode!
by Keynon April 24, 2005
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The best online show ever! Its so funny, I watch it almost everyday. Caboose, is so cool. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do before deathstorm a.k.a Sarge comes and slits your throat! And your should buy the second season DVD, because it has Caboose tell you what happend in the last season...and of course its completely wrong!
Caboose: " Sargent, look... a sleeping person!"

Sarge : "What? Oh macaroon, he's not sleeping son, he's dead."

Caboose :" Oh good, at first... I thought that was me... Because, I am blue and I like to sleep. But if he is dead, that can not be me... that would be silly."

Caboose :" It must be nap time. But who has nap time now? Nap time comes before pants time, not after... I think these people are just making up times!"
by Private O' Mally February 17, 2005
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One of the best internet shows going created by placing pre recorded vocals over Halo gameplay however CGI is mixed in with machinima elements in the later seasons.

Seasons 1 - 5
Revolve around two groups of soliders engaged in a civil war between Red Team and Blue Team.

The Red Team consists of Sarge, Simmons, Grif & Donut while Blue Team members are Church, Tucker, Caboose however early on hire a mercenary called Tex to join their ranks.

Seasons 6 - 8

Adding on to the story already set in the previous seasons both teams with the aid of Agent Washington are united in order to face a common enemy The Meta. Subtle hints in the previous seasons also come together to announce a big revelation about one of the main characters.

Seasons 9 - 10

Provides more of a backstory on Project Freelancer while also keeping us informed with current on goings between Red and Blue Team.

That was a brief introduction to the epicness of Red vs Blue also known as RvB and you should watch it for yourself at
Tell me why you're here, do you even know yourself?
Do you belong here? You don't fit anywhere else...
Don't feel betrayed, only we can wipe the slate clean,
Does it even matter? It only matters that we're here...

Were you right to... Give your life to...
Someone else to (run it for you?)
Do you wish you... Kept your life too...?

Good to conquer evil,
Lies to fight the truth,
Are any of us only saints or sinners,
Or is it always...

Red vs Blue?

- Red vs Blue OST

Jeff Williams
by Damn Wench October 24, 2012
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An internet series featuring to teams in the middle of a box canyon fighting a pointless war. There are two sides the red side, consisting of all the little red guys, the guys fighting in the canyon, Sarge, Grif, Simmons, Donut, and for a while, Lopez. On the other side, there is Church, Tucker, Caboose, and Tex
Sarge-Vic! I need an air strike and on the double!
Vic-can do sarge, ill have the air team target the blue forces now. ill just fax you the airstrike requisition forms.
sarge-We can't! i used some of the parts from the fax machine to make Simmons 2.0!
Simmons-(internet noises) Woah...must have been something I ate
Grif-Simmons, why is there paper coming out of your ass?
by Mustache Man February 26, 2005
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