A super awesome song. The kind you listen to for three hours on repeat on Spotify.
John: “man, this song is a banger!
Bob: “Hell yeah!”
by Toxk March 7, 2020
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something great, a hit or a classic. It can be a song, video, or event
by alvarox9 October 2, 2017
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A song that makes you feel the need to headbang to the beat.
Radd's newest set is full of bangers. You should check out his soundcloud if you're tryna rage.
by Radd April 12, 2015
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literally anything good - a cookie, a song, a three pointer, a touchdown, home run, the act of answering something correctly
Jimbo: remember the wrestler Tyler Reks? Guess what happened to him

Butch: he became a woman
by butchcoolidge May 24, 2021
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An intense party, which involves large amounts of drinking, beer pong, and plenty of skanks to grind on. Always leaving the house a total mess.
Guy:Yo cuz, where da Banger at?
Guy2: Banger in Union tonight playboy, where you at?
by (908)Fletch January 2, 2008
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Scoring a goal from distance (25 yards +) in Football (soccer)
"Reece, did you see that banger of a freekick Roland scored?"
"no I didn't Cohan."
"it was easily the best knuckball you will ever see."
by Lip Balm is nice June 5, 2016
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