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That sour-ish, vinagery-tasting, cabbage food that makes you fart like a geyser.
I just ate a pound of saurkraut. Word Life. Now I have an aura about me that smells of bad.
by SHIBBY-ONE April 16, 2005
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What German eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
"Adolf! Share some of your saurkraut with Issac and Shlomo"
by jared samsonite November 14, 2003
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An edgy 13 year old white kid who found out he's 1/16 German on As a result of this, he becomes a total Nazi and basically the German version of a weeaboo.
Man, Jacob was a pretty cool guy, but he's been a total saur kraut since he tried out
by TheCascadian September 10, 2016
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When a guy spreads vinegar on the girl's lips and then he farts in her mouth. Fricken sweet huh?
"Man last night i gave Wendy I gave Wendy the stinkiest saurkraut ever!"
by Katie.xo April 08, 2006
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