12 definitions by clive

a part of the brain that gives an effect similar to the use of drugs or sexual intercorse and also can br brought on with the use of music of a mufty variety
that was like undulating my shatners bassoon
by clive May 12, 2003
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a delicate blood orange drink that you sip using the aid of a spoon
i was sipping a nice tasty spoonjuice
by clive May 12, 2003
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Iam from Glasgow and it means a young scumbag, council house, non educated, white shell suit (fake designer gear) usually a fake tan although the furthest they have ever been is jail. from the word rob there granny for a drink
a wee ned was seen drinking buckfast up a lane
by clive October 8, 2003
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a casual eclectic mindfunk sounding music, within a working atmosphere that sounds like a cat from another plane undulating your shatners bassoon
that tune was just surreal eclectic mufty, man!
by clive May 12, 2003
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i was playing with kojak's wee helper last night
by clive October 8, 2003
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N. (Italian American slang) Something of insignificant worth or worthlessness.
Your complaints aren't worth ougats!
by clive February 12, 2005
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