17 definition by claustrophobic chicken

The average speed limit someone goes when they are in a rush, it especially sucks when it's in the area you live in.
When I was walking my dog yesterday, this lady in a black car was going so fucking fast in the residential area
by claustrophobic chicken February 03, 2005

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Something people use to change channels with because they are too lazy to get their ass off the couch
Clicking the remote is probably a mean of excersice for some people
by claustrophobic chicken December 10, 2004

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A place where you can get good Mexican food at a cheap price.
Taco Bell sells good shit, try it sometime
by claustrophobic chicken February 05, 2005

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1) A type of fruit that is very useful when making tarts, teas, or pies

2) Anything from Kia
1) That lemon tart looks good

2) Kia Sportages are ugly
by claustrophobic chicken December 15, 2004

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A very popular type of breakfast food. People usually will put butter, syrup, or jam on it.
I like homemade waffles more. Those frozen ones taste like shit.
by claustrophobic chicken February 02, 2005

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One of the most popular types of fruit that is used in a lot of different types of foods for flavoring. Such things like candy and ice cream would be a good example.
Everyone seems to like the strawberry flavored foods
by claustrophobic chicken December 18, 2004

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A rock band from the 1980's.

They made a really good song, I'm not sure what it's called, but he goes "Well I'm not going to take it".

They also had the video with the guy screaming at his son. Man, what an asshole he was to his son.
Twisted sister can make some good shit
by claustrophobic chicken December 17, 2004

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