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The term referring to the years 2010 - 2019. We had the 70's , 80's, 90's, ought's and now we have "The Second Decade"!
Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the Second Decade!
by cityguychicago December 31, 2009
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The theory that an island is not inherently different from another neighboring island.

The theory relies upon the spoken accounts of recent tourists. No matter which island the traveler visits, he will always encounter:

1) Aggresive touts selling t-shirts, conch shells, and other worthless crap.

2) Crazy taxi drivers.

3) Hot, humid weather.

4) Panhandling locals.

5) Bugs.

6) Shoddy accommodations and questionable cuisine.
Man 1: How was your island-hopping trip to the Caribbean?

Returning Traveler: Meh, same shit; different island.
by cityguychicago September 10, 2009
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A Boner Party is a party where guys have to maintain erections for as long as they can. If they lose their erection they lose the game. The man who can keep his erection the longest wins. The winner gets to have sex with any girl of his choosing for seventeen minutes. Guys who have lost the game and girls who do not want to have sex with the winner utilize various tactics to get the potential winners to lose their erections. Various tactics may include, but not limited to: vomiting, displaying pictures of unattractive people, and telling dead grandma jokes.
I hope I'm the winner of tonight's Boner Party! I really want to have sex with Kristen.
by cityguychicago August 14, 2017
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(Sorry ladies, but I had to post this...)

The Brigade is a secret held only by women and the actual male members of the Big Penis Brigade. The Brigade was founded to provide women with sexual satisfaction. The Brigade can only be found at "women only" parties.

When women get together for Girls Night, Hen Night and bachelorette parties, you can guarantee that the "Big Penis Brigade" will be in attendance undeterred by the "No Men Allowed" rules. In fact, the Brigade is often invited by the ladies in the party.

The men who are members of the Brigade are known for their good looks, sexual stamina and of course, their extremely large penises.

While attending these "Women Only" parties, the Brigade has sex with every woman at the party. Yes even the ugly ones... Every woman has sex at least 2x and usually with a different member of the Brigade. Some of the women has sex with every member, but this is very rare occurrence because of most women cannot handle the sheer amount of sex that the Brigade can provide.

So when your wife/girlfriend returns home happy and refreshed from a "Women Only" party, you will know that she spent some quality time with the Big Penis Brigade.

(Sorry ladies, but I had to post this)
Jen: Hi Lisa, thanks for coming to my "Wine, Women and Whine" party.

Lisa: I'm glad to be here. So when is the Big Penis Brigade expected to arrive?

Jen: They should be here shortly. Here, have a drink. The drink should help you loosen up.

by cityguychicago March 31, 2009
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A rental apartment that a married man or just a man in his 30's rents just to "passout" at or to bang younger women at. Pass out pads usually have the bare essentials; including a bed and sometimes condoms. But, usually not!

The place is never clean; yet is never dirty. And it is always within walking distance of bars and clubs.

Women usually have to bring their own toilet paper if they want to spend the night there. If you don't, I suggest taking a few cocktail napkins from the bar before you leave.

If you get hungry in the morning, you can forget about breakfast. His fridge wont even be plugged in. So, just make your way to Starbucks and forget that this guy ever existed!
Guy at bar: Want to come see my pass out pad?

You; drunk at bar: Okay
by cityguychicago November 30, 2009
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What a woman in the sex industry refers to her vagina as. (Pornstar, escort, stripper, etc) Her vagina is her primary body part that she makes a living from. If her purse is damaged in anyway; her income severely suffers.
Boyfriend: Do you like it when I go deep?

Girlfriend: Yeah, but not too deep

Boyfriend: Why

Girlfriend: I have to work the streets this weekend and I don't want you to hurt my purse...
by cityguychicago November 04, 2009
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A boyfriend who can only have sex once and then passes out shortly afterward. It could mean that he is too old, too drunk or he doesn't find you that attractive to have sex with you again.
Girl 1: Aww girl, me and my man did it ALL-NIGHT last night! He wouldn't stop. He went for five rounds!

Girl 2: You are so lucky! My man and I only did it once last night. He is a one round clown.
by cityguychicago February 17, 2010
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