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Fixing or planning on doing something.
I finnah cap dis nigga
by chad April 21, 2005

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A very useful invention. An easy chair with a built-in toilet, color TV, phone and refrigerator (full of beer of course), designed to eliminate the need to move.
Wow, thanks to my new Napper Crapper 9000, I can watch the game, guzzle beer, and never have to go to the bathroom! That lever on the side flushes the toilet!
by Chad December 17, 2003

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A person who is so fat and/or disgusting that the very sight of them invokes images of a giant vat filled with congealed animal fat.
Kate is so f-ing disgusting. What the he@l does that tub of lard think she is doing. She is not hot enough to get away with saying that.
by Chad October 02, 2003

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It is another term for female masturbations.
"What's Kim doing tonight?" "I don't know...she said she was going to stay home and rub the button."
by Chad October 18, 2004

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Used to give a momentarily warning to others that you are about to hit them in the nuts.
Victim: "Hey dude whats up?"
Victimizer: "NOGGLE!!"
by Chad December 07, 2004

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A form of watered-down pop music most popular in an office setting, or in the vehicles of soccer moms. Also known as "adult contemporary".
Lite rock reminds me of dentists.
by Chad June 20, 2004

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To totally fuck someone up. As in to beat their ass or just fuck up someone's day.
I wouldn't mess with that guy, he might wreck my shit.

The Patriots beat the Panthers... Well, that just wrecked my shit.
by Chad February 08, 2004

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