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showing off/fronting
Man he always flexing when he went his boys!
by Ch April 22, 2004

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Verb, to shithammer.
To accomplish something by brute force, without planning, elegance, or rework.

Often heard in IT organizations when referring to computer code that was poorly designed, and in need of drastic re-writing.
Those guys never think about what they're doing, they just shithammer their code into production.
by Ch April 24, 2004

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A little bitch.

see also: kage
That little faggler stole my beer!
by CH January 30, 2004

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Having really bad diarrea..
I had to rush to the bathroom to make some butt stew..
by CH September 08, 2004

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sex with ones own sex
both these boys are samlingi
by ch August 06, 2003

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"dan-mar-in-ous" or colloquially as "dan-bos"
Secret code used by supremely intelligent males to refer to large breasts when in the company of large breasted women.
Context: Two males at a social event come into the presence of two large breasted women.
"Mate do you think Danmarino had a good game today"
"Dan played bloody well mate!"
Female's - I didn't catch the game guys - i don't like football"
by CH August 21, 2003

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When you try do do something but fail and look like a full idiot
person A- "Im gonna beat your ass at WRC"

few minutes later, person A has been beaten at WRC badly.

person B- "stroked to cracker" ("my son"-optional)
by ch April 12, 2004

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