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short for labia.
Couple a playaz on the beach....."man check out the horselips on that blimp. ain't never seen labes that big.

Her labes remind me of the deli.

Yo, dog, she had labes so big, looked like she had a jellyfish between her thighs.
by Buzz August 15, 2003
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Short for labia. Can be used to refer to either courage or audacity- this is the female equivalent of having balls or cahones / cojones.
For example:

For a guy: "Wow.. You've got a lot of balls suing that pedestrian after you hit him!"

For a girl: "I can't believe you finally stood up to your boss like that! That took some labes!"
by ~Mojo~ May 28, 2013
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An acronym, standing for Litch Atch Bare Emosh.

Litch is short for Literally. Atch is short for Actually. Bare is not an abbreviation, it simply means a lot of, or very. Emosh is short for Emotional.

So, LABE = Litch Atch Bare Emosh = Literally Actually Very Emotional.

It is used as a response to the question "How are you?"
1) Daniel: "How are you?"
Me: "I'm LABE."

2) Jordan: "How are you pal?"
Danni: "Ah, I'm feeling LABE today."
by EarleyBird January 25, 2011
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