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a honey with a slammin body, with a busted up dome. its a noun fellas.
Homie 1 - Yo dog, I saw you running all up in that buttaface out the club the other.

Homie 2 - Shizzy. But you check out dat azz cousin with the matchin twins?
by buzz August 12, 2003

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before a male has any physical penal or oral contact with "strange" vagina, he must first "check the oil". a simple dip of the finger with a discreet sniff, sniff will do. if the oil needs changing the test finger should be jammed into the female's nostril. if not, have at it, til its done swoll.
yo gashmaster, what's that gnarly patch on your upper lip? didn't you check the oil before lickin the wound?

after checkin the oil, i told her to turn around for some puppy.

by buzz August 18, 2003

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Ginger With Attitude!

used in brittish army to describe squadies with ginger hair
look at that guy he's a right GWA
by buzz December 22, 2003

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One who attracts that which is shoal. The word is from Carpinteria, CA.
Dude, Jaiah was scamming with some State Park shoalbait from Slimey Valley down at Jelly Bowl.
by buzz January 04, 2005

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A major annoyance. A situation that causes dread in one's life.
Damn, waking up to my clock radio playing that Don Henley cover by the Ataris was such the ballhammer.
by buzz January 04, 2005

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An 80's derogatory term for an obsessive fan of new romantic music or other new wave bands with funny haircuts. Originates from the pop group Spandau Ballet and was heavily used in the Santa Barbara, CA area.
Look at those spandaus listening to Depeche Mode in the quad. Is that guy wearing makeup?
by buzz January 05, 2005

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a very long masturbation session, where it feels almost like your arm is ready to break.
john: i had a wank last night and it was a propper arm breaker!

jack: fuck me mate you need a bird!
by buzz December 22, 2003

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