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A member of the Beat Generation (late 50's - early 60's), a nonconformist in dress and thought. Often reknowned for wearing black turtleneck sweaters, stove-pipe trousers, dark glasses and berets. They used to hang out at coffee shops where they would recite poetry (sometimes accompanied by bongo drums), and talk about jazz or the people/society/regimes that are oppressing them and trying to make them conform.
"Oh, man! Ned spilled ink all over my poems. He's a real flat tire, I mean a cube, man. He's putting us on the train to Squaresville" - Ned Flanders' beatnik father

"I'm really diggin' this jaaaazz, maaan! This cat is really hip! Far out daddy-o!" (clicks his fingers repeatedly)

by burnin4tor February 22, 2007
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A derogatory name for a person who finds homosexual activities offensive, deviant, perverted and/or immoral - whether based on a religious or non-religious viewpoint.

It is an inaccurate and poorly named term, as these people, in most cases, do not exhibit an irrational phobia or fear of homosexuals as the term implies. Their views can indeed be proven to be rational in most cases.

"Homophobes" are very often derided by intolerant people, who in their hypocrisy preach a doctrine of tolerance - i.e. that all other people should be tolerant of their pro-homosexual world-views, but cannot have differing world-views of their own. "Homophobes" are often labeled as bigoted by people who are themselves bigots and religiously-intolerant.

In the case of the Christian religion who are often labeled "homophobes", by definition a christian is not a hater of homosexuals, but of homosexual acts. Infact, there is no distinction between any perverted sexual acts, whether homosexual or heterosexual. All these are abhorred, but the person who does these is not.
"Please don't push your pro-homosexual world-view on me, I am trying to work."
"You homophobe! You intolerant hater!"
"I don't fear or hate you. I just have a different world-view, and I am busy."
"You bigoted christians are all the same!"
"Look dude, the workplace is not the appropriate pulpit for your agenda."
by BURNiN4TOR August 03, 2005
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The singular forum of the word gonads. To have only one testicle.
Hey ever since that infection, my monad has been swollen and sore.
by BURNiN4TOR August 05, 2005
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Computer software that 'phones home' via the internet without your express permission (e.g. Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage) to inform the vendor that their software is being used without a valid license.
That damn WGA program just connected to Microsoft's server again. Damn narkware! I don't see how this can be a "Genuine Advantage"!
by Burnin4tor February 27, 2007
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