Something an underdog really has while pretending not to. People would rather the underdog triumph than the one described as the favorite.
He/she was full of shit by calling himself/herself an underdog, but knew that he/she could gain an advantage on an opposing person/team by calling himself/herself an underdog (and end up facing less adversity by doing so while placing more adversity on the opponent, throwing the game/race, a way to get support from people who would not otherwise support them), or claiming that he/she had lower odds overall. Really, since he/she was playing all sides, he/she could always end up on the side that triumphed, as long as people allowed it.
by Solid Mantis October 29, 2020
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one who takes advantage of a male or female while they are uncomprehensive.
"Weenis!!!" "What foo!!!" "Dont talk to that wesa!" "Why, way?" " Cuz shes an advantager, Weenis" "Ohh crud, thanks way:)"...
by Maximus#63 January 30, 2008
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1. Having the upper hand over the opposition

2. A kickass nintendo cover band from Calfiornia
1. (announcer) Advantage : reciever

2. w00t! Play double dragon yaaaaaaahhh!
by eddybill August 29, 2005
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-When one knows the area very well and can navigate around obstacles in the hood; such as traffic, police lights ahead, and swerving a hoe. Also used when in a chase or racing.
"Ohp, there's a traffic jam on I-475. I'm gonna havta use the hood advantage to get around it. I'll get off on Atherton and get back on at Bristol and hopefully pass the accident or what ever it is."
by Abriel Ole September 13, 2016
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The state of having ridiculous skill, the ability to do things normal humans would deem impossible.
Wow, how can he do something like that?" wondered the young little boy. "Easy," muttered the old man. "He has Tim Advantage.
by kleenex_ghost July 22, 2011
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''Take Advantage''

To take advantage of someone is usually to unfairly get what you want from someone who is easily persuaded to help you, trust you, or do things for you
He wasn't able to take advantage of me because I am not easy to persuade,

But he took advantage of the next person by persuading them with clothes/shoes/sweets etc.
by Itdakimasu February 28, 2017
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