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Meaning "useful" in Latin, sativa is commonly used in plant names.
by bryan Andradé January 11, 2004
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Japanese for cannabis from Chinese. In Chinese, "tai" means great, and "ma" means hemp. ~ was used to discriminate between the greater hemp plants and lesser hemp plants for fiber. Ordinary hemp, in Chinese, is "ma".
tai ma i des (Jp. for cannabis is good)
by bryan Andradé January 10, 2004
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Rolled cannabis for smoking that is usually about five times larger than the average american joint.
It sucked when i got a wiff of some dude's spliff when all I had was an empty roach clip.
by bryan Andradé January 11, 2004
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a conjunction of the spanish "sin" (with out) and "semilla" (seed) to mean "without seeds" when reffering to cannabis in a smokeable form. Usually pure bud.
Smoke a big spliff of some good sinsemilla.
(as heard in the song "Smoke Two Joints" by The Toys and covered by Sublime)
by bryan Andradé January 10, 2004
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Latin for girl, young lady, dame, lass, maiden, and whatnot, this word is used as though it were english in speach. This slang originated in the Portland (OR) area and is used by kids (late teens early adults) generally when talking about or to a young lady(ages 16ish-28ish).
Hey puella, wanna go burn one?
I'm gonna take my puella to the beach for her birthday.
by bryan Andradé June 13, 2004
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A slang term for the dried leaf and/or bud of the various cannabis plants coined in México which translates to Mary Jane. The use of the word became popular in the U.S.A. during the late 1930s when people in the petroleum, cotton, timber, alcohol, and tobaco industries, along with Hary Ansliger who hated Jazz* and Mexicans**, used the word in prohibitionistic propaganda to use people's xenophobic/racist views to create an unconstitutional tax on the substance.

*Many Jazz musicians used "Lo Zee Rose" or "Orchestrations" (both slang words for the word being defined). This is why Anslinger wanted to illegalize it.

**Use of cannabis was common among Mexicans, Mexican immigrants, and their posterity at the time.
I don't use the word "marijuana" when speaking english because of how it has a xenophobic/racist connotation.
by bryan Andradé January 11, 2004
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