a conjunction of the spanish "sin" (with out) and "semilla" (seed) to mean "without seeds" when reffering to cannabis in a smokeable form. Usually pure bud.
Smoke a big spliff of some good sinsemilla.
(as heard in the song "Smoke Two Joints" by The Toys and covered by Sublime)
by bryan Andradé January 10, 2004
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"without seeds"

Male plants shed pollen, female pistils get pollinated, every hair produces a seed.

Background is that ususally you have to sort out the seeds, cause they pop and burn in the spliff. Nasty flavour!

also the cannabisplant invests more of its resources into resin production.

some folks confuse sensee with a strain.

cheers, WHS
by WHS June 02, 2004
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A close relative of marijuana, sinsemilla is a flowering cannabis plant which is commonly far higher in concentration of tetrahydrocannibol. ("THC" The active drug in marijuana) Sinsemilla is the actual flowering portion of a cannabis plant, while marijuana is classified as vegitation (leaves). Conventional marijuana yields approximately 4% THC concentration, while sinsemilla is commonly between 10-14% concentration and if grown correctly will be seedless as well.

Sinsemilla is a combination of two spanish words "Sin" meaning "without" and "semilla" meaning "seed".
This marijuana is good!
That's not marijuana, it's sinsemilla
by DECRIMINALIZE POT NOW! February 14, 2005
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