townie fucks who thing they are "hardnuts" as they would say. They pick dumb fights on peoplem two times as small as them so they are almost garenteed to win.
Mate awww I am a Gansta...mate
by I'll take your souls! March 14, 2004
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Usualy a teen female who is concieted and popular and listens to "emo/screamo" bands refers to herself as gangsta, and makes gang signs with her hands such as: Peace sign,west side,east side and the infamous nigga please. Also refers to her friends as her home skillets or hommies. Sometimes calls her friend G.
Sally: I'm pretty much a gansta, I'm pimpin all over da st.louis

Racheal: Your pretty much NOT a gangsta.

by Heather is rad September 29, 2006
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The act of being a complete awesome person. Most likely to be a wannabe.Modes: Ninja, Dino, Gangster, or any other sort of sweet type of coolness. Most likely a misfit, or a nerd. Thought to be amazing within inner circle. From outside world frowned upon. A gansta always uses awesome slang terms, like sst, and follows the teachings of the how to be Gangster video by nigahiga on youtube. In whole, an awesome person.
Im such a gansta.

Joe your such a nerd.
No I'm not! I'm a gansta!
by PurpleG April 26, 2008
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gangsta in a hispanic accent
how kids spell gangsta
hey thats a nice head sheet ese, is it gansta related?
nah its just a winta sheet
by G-G-G-G Faness October 1, 2005
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somethin thts well safe somthing thats cool yet original is proper gansta
"that coat is gangsta style"

"thats some hard ass gangsta shit"
by homie March 9, 2005
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gansta is used for someone who's rebellious, a member of gang often. it caaan also be used to call one of your friend (your friend is in your ''gang'' so you can call him gansta) often used in conversation with the name ''bro''
Hey hi man
whats'up gansta

hey bro i got to go
by popololiki June 11, 2006
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