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When you have diarrhoea but it’s very runny. It’s like peeing from your butt.
Claire: “I don’t feel so good, I was peeping this morning.”

Kate: “Oh that’s not good, peeping is the worst.”
by brooklynlikespizza March 20, 2023
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An extra cute way to call someone or something cute.
Katie: "Hey Lily look at this adorable plushie I got today!"
Lily: "Aww cute-cute!"
Katie: "Ahh I know right??"
by brooklynlikespizza April 26, 2022
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The best fucking day of the year. Periodt.
John: What’s the date?
Max: It’s June 1st. Only the best fucking day of the year! Let’s go out for drinks!
by brooklynlikespizza October 17, 2019
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When your friend is sick and they jokingly want to give you their sickness.
Lily: *touches Katie* "Germs on you!!"
Katie: "Oi Lily!!"
by brooklynlikespizza April 26, 2022
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Used as a feeling or to describe something or someone that is freaky, wild, or unusual.
Lola: "Lol Carla, that is so freaky-deaky."
Carla: "I don't freaky-deaky care."
by brooklynlikespizza April 26, 2022
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A cute way (especially between friends or a partner) to call someone or the other mean.
Lily: "Ughh, mean-mean!"
Katie: "Hehe, sorry Lily."
by brooklynlikespizza April 26, 2022
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A delicious pizza shop on Port Rd in Adelaide, Australia. It has many different food options, and are all Italian styled.
I really want some Bellavita's tonight

Bellavita's pizza makes everything better
by brooklynlikespizza October 4, 2017
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